The DISC Unconference forum is NOT THIS ONE! Here's a link

(Gina Helfrich) #1


You are currently reading the more general, public forum for discussion of diversity & inclusion on the NumFOCUS Discourse.

If you’re looking for the forum specific to the DISC Unconference in November at PyData NYC, please join us here.

(Gina Helfrich) #2

(Raniere Silva) #3

I’m getting “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” when trying to access

(Gina Helfrich) #4

I have to manually add you to the closed group. Should be good to go now.

(Esther Kundin) #5

Can you add me as well?

(Gina Helfrich) #6

Yes, try now @eiserovich1

(Tiziano Zito) #7

Can you add me too? Thanks!

(Gina Helfrich) #8

@dhu200 fyi that you’ve introduced yourself generally but the actual DISC Unconference forum is elsewhere. one sec, I’ll get you added.

(Zairah Mustahsan) #9

Hi can you add me? Thanks

(Christine Custis) #10

Hi Gina,

I may also need to be added. I introduced myself in an open segment but do not see the brainstorming thread or other discussions related to DISC.

Thanks so much.

(Chaya Stern) #11

Can you add me? Thanks!

(Tania) #12

Hi Gina

Can I be added as well please?


(Amelia Kallaher) #13

Hi Gina,

Would you please add me to the DISC Unconference forum as well?

Thank you!

(Gina Helfrich) #14

Everyone should be added who requested above. Thanks!

(Abhipsa Behera) #15

Hi Gina,
Could you add me as well? I am getting a msg - access denied.


(Gina Helfrich) #16

Yes, I’ve added you!

(S Sharp) #17

Add me to the group, please!

(Prince Wilson) #18


It seems the same is true for me, it is private or denying access. I am not quite sure why it won’t let me be there but I’d love to be there!

Thank you so much!

(Gina Helfrich) #19

Try now. I’ve added you!