NF Wiki Updates for November 2017


(Christie Koehler) #1

Wanted to let everyone know about some new features available on the NumFOCUS Community Wiki.

Information about updates to the NumFOCUS Community Wiki lives at NumFOCUS Wiki:Updates. Below you’ll find details about the most recent updates as of today.

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Most of these features have been implemented in response to my work organizing the 2017 Summit output. We have a significant number of photos of the flipcharts that were created. We’re using category information on the NF Wiki to identify and sort the images and to manage the reporting and workflow around these activities. So, I went looking for things that would make uploading lots of images and editing category information easier. I also wanted to be able to construct wiki pages dynamically using different kinds of variables, including category assignment.

8 November 2017

Installed Gadgets Extension

Mediawiki Gadgets allow you to add features to the wiki without having to install extensions, which requires technical knowledge and administrative access to the server hosting the wiki.

Four Gadgets have been added (git commit) and they are described below. Only the Gadget HotCat is enabled for all users by default. To enable the others, visit your Preferences page and toggle them on like so:

Installed HotCat Gadget

The HotCat Gadget adds a Categories quick bar to the bottom of every wiki page. From this quick bar you can quickly add, edit, and remove categories from a page.

HotCat is enabled for all NF Wiki users by default. For usage information see Help:Gadget-HotCat on Wikimedia Commons.

Installed SyntaxHighlighter Gadget

The SyntaxHighlighter Gadget provides syntax highlighting on the source editing of pages:

This makes it easier to edit the source of pages here on the wiki (when doing so is preferable to using VisualEditor).

To enable this Gadget, visit the Gadgets tab of your Preferences page.

Installed UTCLiveClock Gadget

The UTCLiveClock Gadget adds a clock that displays the time in UTC with a link to purge the current page. This is useful for seeing the most recent content on pages that are dynamically generated (as with DynamicPageList3, see below).

To enable this Gadget, visit the Gadgets tab of your Preferences page.

Installed Navigation Popups Gadget

The Navigation Popups Gadget add information pop-ups to all wiki links with an overview of the content available at that link:

To enable this Gadget, visit the Gadgets tab of your Preferences page.

Installed UploadWizard Extension

The UploadWizard Extension adds a user-friendly bulk media upload wizard. (git commit)

Not only does the UploadWizard allow for a super easy way to upload many files to the NF Wiki at once, but it also helps you add important metadata such as category information at the same time:

The UploadWizard is available to all NF WIki users at Special:UploadWizard and we have added a link to the sidebar.

1 November 2017

Installed LastModified Extension

The LastModified Extension adds a link to the top of every page that indicates when the page was last modified and links to the page’s history. (git commit)

Information about when a page was last modified is by default available at the bottom of every page. This extension makes that information more obvious by putting it at the top of the page. Last modified can be a helpful signal about how relevant a page’s content might be, and when pages should be updated.

This extension is enabled for all NF Wiki users, including anonymous viewers.

Installed the DynamicPageList3 Extension

The DynamicPageList3 Extension enables wiki users to create pages programmatically based on a number of different parameters. (git commit)

Example: We are using it on this page to display all output generated from the 2017 Summit.

This bit of code:

==== All Unidentified Timeline Stories ====
'''Do you recognize any of these flipcharts as belonging to your mixed group? Do they all belong to Mixed Group 5?'''
|category=Timeline Stories&Needs Identification
|namespace = Image
|format    = «gallery»,%PAGE%\n,,«/gallery»

Generates this part of the page:

And will automatically be updated as the categories on those images change.

This extension is enabled for all NF Wiki users, including anonymous viewers. For detailed usage information, see the Manual at Gamepedia.