Need help reconstructing roster of Mixed Groups

(Christie Koehler) #1

Hi Folks,

I goofed and did not record each of the Mixed Groups we assigned you to for the Summit. Knowing will help me track down missing content you created in those groups.

Would you let me know, to the best of your ability, what your Mixed Group number was and who else was in your group?

Remember that you started the Summit in your mixed group, the number of your mixed group was written on the quarter sheet of paper included in your handbook, and it was also written on a sheet of paper taped to each cluster of chairs.

So far, I know the following (thanks Gina):

Mixed Group 2: Gina, Travis, Breck, Chase, Alex A, Erin B.


(Christie Koehler) #2

If it helps to jog your memory, here are photos of the timeline story flipcharts you worked on in your mixed groups:

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(Britton Smith) #3

Hi Christie,

I was in group 1. Below is a likely incomplete list of people who were in my group.

Britton Smith (me)
Carly Strasser
Jonah Duckles
Dan Sholler
Lorena Barba
Ralf Gommers


(Kyle Niemeyer) #4

I was in mixed group 6; my group also had Dan Katz, but I can’t remember the others’ names off the top of my head :confused:

(Stefanie Butland) #5

Mixed group 3: Stefanie Butland, Leah Silen, Nick Earl, Didrik Pinte
Plus ~2-3 others

(Ana Ruvalcaba) #6

Hi there - perhaps one of the others can fill in some of these blanks, a partial list of Group 7:

Ana Ruvalcaba
Andy Terrell
Kyle Kelley
Thomas Caswell

(Daniel S Katz) #7

In group 6, in addition to @kyleniemeyer and I, we had @kelle and 3? other people who are escaping my memory right now…

(Christie Koehler) #8

This is very helpful. Thanks everyone who’s provided details so far.

Here’s a summary of what we know:

Could still use some info about mixed groups 4 and 5.