[Matplotlib-announce] [ANN] Matplotlib 2.1 released

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From: Thomas Caswell tcaswell@gmail.com
Subject: [Matplotlib-announce] [ANN] Matplotlib 2.1 released
Date: October 7, 2017 at 16:30:11 PDT
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We are happy to announce the release of Matplotlib 2.1. This is the second minor release in the Matplotlib 2.x series and the first release with major new features since 1.5.

This release contains approximately 2 years worth of work by 275 contributors
across over 950 pull requests. Highlights from this release include:

  • support for string categorical values
  • export of animations to interactive javascript widgets
  • major overhaul of polar plots
  • reproducible output for ps/eps, pdf, and svg backends
  • performance improvements in drawing lines and images
  • GUIs show a busy cursor while rendering the plot

along with many other enhancements and bug fixes.

The gallery, examples, and tutorials have been overhauled and consolidated:

Examples: http://matplotlib.org/gallery/index.html http://matplotlib.org/gallery/index.html
Tutorials: http://matplotlib.org/tutorials/index.html http://matplotlib.org/tutorials/index.html

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!

Wheels are available on pypi for win/mac/manylinux and for conda via conda-forge.

Full whats new: http://matplotlib.org/users/whats_new.html#new-in-matplotlib-2-1 http://matplotlib.org/users/whats_new.html#new-in-matplotlib-2-1
Full API changes: http://matplotlib.org/api/api_changes.html#api-changes-in-2-1-0 http://matplotlib.org/api/api_changes.html#api-changes-in-2-1-0
github stats: http://matplotlib.org/users/github_stats.html http://matplotlib.org/users/github_stats.html


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