[jupyter] BeakerX Beta Release

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Subject: [jupyter] BeakerX Beta Release
Date: October 9, 2017 at 07:57:14 PDT
To: jupyter@googlegroups.com
Reply-To: jupyter@googlegroups.com

Dear Jupyter Users,

BeakerX has moved from alpha to beta with release 0.5.1, available by conda, pip, and docker. Please see our new website http://BeakerX.com http://beakerx.com/ for examples and documentation. Source code and developer docs are available from https://github.com/twosigma/beakerx https://github.com/twosigma/beakerx.

BeakerX is a collection of kernels and extensions to the Jupyter interactive computing environment. It provides JVM support, interactive plots, tables, forms, publishing, and more.

Thank you for the feedback, issues, and especially Joe Pallas, Hadrien Mary, Sam Wincott, Jerad Acosta, and Ben McCann for their PRs.

-Scott Draves
Two Sigma Open Source
http://opensource.twosigma.com/ http://opensource.twosigma.com/
@BeakerXNotebook https://twitter.com/BeakerXNotebook

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