Four new community collaboration tools

(Christie Koehler) #1

Wanted to let everyone know that we have launched four new collaboration tools that you are welcome to take advantage of if they would be useful to you. They are:

Many of our member projects have similar infrastructure in place and these tools are not meant to replace those. Nor are they meant to replace existing NumFOCUS tools such as our Slack or Google Groups.

Rather, these tools are intended to supplement existing infrastructure and to provide a way for NumFOCUS staff to work in a way more familiar to the open source community at large.

For more information about why these particular tools were selected, take a look at the collaboration infrastructure proposal I put together. For details about how these tools have been implemented, how we intend for them to be used, and how to access them, see the Collaboration Infrastructure page on our new wiki.

If you have ideas about additional shared infrastructure that could be useful in our work and to our community, including member and affiliate projects, let me know by filing an issue: or contacting me directly.