Discontinuation of Collaboration Infrastructure?

(Andy Terrel) #1

Hello all,

@christie will not be managing the collaboration infrastructure and I have taken over managing it. My time is highly constrained so I’m trying to assess whether we should keep these apps up to date or decommision them. Since their release, these services have not been widely utilized.

  • Discourse and the wiki have the most use but the last post was over a month ago.
  • Zulip chat is down and I’m not sure how to bring it back to life just yet.
  • pad seems to only have internal numfocus staff notes, which can be safely managed via google docs

Which services do folks find useful?

(Max Linke) #2

I’m able to access the zulip chat.

I personally haven’t used the collaboration tools a lot. Most questions related to NumFOCUS and related projects come through the mailing list.

I thought about adding a GSoC topic on discourse for students to ask questions. But we get around 1-3 emails per week during student application time to gsoc@numfocus.org which is currently good to handle still on the list.

(Kelle Cruz) #3

I find the NumFocus Slack channel the most useful.

(Andy Terrel) #4

Would it be useful to open it to a wider community? Right now it is only project leads and folks working on various committees.

(Ana Ruvalcaba) #5

Hi all - I haven’t used any of the collaboration tools consistently… In theory it seems like a great idea to have a place for us to collaborate but if in practice it’s a burden to maintain or it’s not being used then I’m ok to discontinue their use.