Christie's Weekly Report for 2017-11-06


(Christie Koehler) #1

My weekly status report for the week of 30 October - 6 November.

Also posted to the NumFOCUS Wiki.


Accomplishments this week include finalizing the import of individual donations from Flipcause into our donor management system LGL and completing the first round of organizing Summit output.


  • Staff meeting
  • LGL Flipcause import review meeting, final import script adjustments re-import.
  • Initial documentation of LGL project roadmap and scheduled weekly LGL migration status meeting.
  • Summit expense report review and approval
  • Sent reminders by hand to 6 folks who have yet to summit their expense reports.
  • Provided feedback on Summit survey questions.
  • Drafted plan and outline of Summit Report.
  • Finished categorizing captured Summit output and created this tracking page.
  • Sent message to all Summit participants via Tito letting them know about the above and next steps.
  • Quick 1:1 with Jim W.
  • Weekly 1:1 with Matthew Turk.
  • Investigated and resolved issue of Discourse not sending emails.
  • Uploaded missing Summit action plans to the wiki.
  • Community managers meeting
  • Some more email follow-up
  • Fundraising brainstorm meeting


  • Need last Summit photos not yet uploaded from Minal’s phone.

This Week

Priority tasks for 6-12 November:

  • Finish getting in touch with Summit action group leads about their action plans.
  • Follow up with Summit participants as needed to identify missing Summit output.
  • Continue email follow-up (more complex stuff that’s been sitting in my inbox).
  • Complete and submit outstanding personal expense reports.
  • First pass at LGL import scripts for pre-2015 (pre-Flipcause) individual donations.
  • Announcing community calls for Collaboration Infrastructure and Sustainability.
  • Summit follow-up office hours.
  • Wrap up expense reporting for the Summit.

Thank You

  • Gina and Leah for providing prompt feedback on LGL->Flipcause imported data.
  • All of the Summit participants who promptly submitted their expense reports.

On the Horizon

  • Updating Sustainability roadmap, including upcoming quarterly goals.
  • 2018 conference schedule (speaking and attending).

Contribution Opportunities

  • Help organize Summit output: Take a look at items with the Help Wanted category. Some items simply need identification, others need transcribing of content.