Christie's Weekly Report for 2017-10-30


(Christie Koehler) #1

Christie’s weekly status report for the week of 23-29 October.

Also posted to the NumFOCUS Wiki.


This week was mostly about follow-up from the Summit and making progress towards importing individual donations into our new CRM/Donor Management system, Little Green Light.


  • First pass at organizing Summit materials. – missing one action plan (for shared infrastructure) and common ground statements
  • Drafted and sent travel reimbursement reminder email to 16 outstanding folks.
  • Approved more expense reports. Answered questions about expense reporting.
  • Researched project & roadmap management tools.
  • Started documenting Summit follow-up on the wiki.
  • Looked through sample future search reports downloaded from the network.
  • Installed some extensions to the wiki to make dealing with Summit output easier.
  • Started uploading and categorizing Summit output on wiki, see Category:2017 Summit.
  • Flipcause import script, initial version and revisions based on feedback.


  • Need last Summit photos not yet uploaded from Minal’s phone.

This Week

Priority tasks for 30 October to 5 November

  • Finish Flipcause import into LGL. (Flipcause is the source of individual donation records from 2015-present.)
    • Dependency: Review by Leah and Gina.
  • Provide feedback on Summit survey questions.
  • Finish uploading and categorizing Summit output on wiki.
  • Post note about Summit items and ask for help identifying missing items and transcribing.
  • First pass at outline of Summit proceedings.
  • Finish getting in touch with action group leads about their action plans.
  • Continue email follow-up (more complex stuff that’s been sitting in my inbox).
  • Complete and submit outstanding personal expense reports.
  • Review and approve final Summit expense report. Send reminders to anyone who hasn’t submitted theirs by EOD Tuesday
  • First pass at LGL import scripts for pre-2015 (pre-Flipcause) individual donations.

Thank You

  • Minal for continuing to wrangle Summit materials.
  • Gina for helping to organize Flipcause import details.

On the Horizon

  • Updating Sustainability roadmap, including upcoming quarterly goals.
  • 2018 conference schedule (speaking and attending).

Contribution Opportunities

  • Help organize Summit output: Take a look at items with the Help Wanted category. Some items simply need identification, others need transcribing of content.