Christie's Weekly Report for 2017-10-23


(Christie Koehler) #1

Christie’s weekly status report for 16-22 October, 2017.

Also posted on the NumFOCUS Wiki.


Last week was all about catching up after the Summit and starting to organize next steps.


  • Monday and Thursday staff meetings.
  • All kinds of email follow-up.
  • Reviewing and approving expense reports from Summit
  • SAB meeting.
  • Server maintenance: Upgrade Discourse, renew ssl certificates.
  • Minor updates to collaboration infrastructure documentation on NF Wiki.
  • Starting to document outcomes and next steps from the Summit:
  • Generated Summit participant roster and sent to attendees.



Thank You

Minal for helping to document the Summit and for organizing Summit supplies before and after the event.

This Week

Priority tasks for 23-29 October, 2017:

  • Organize output from Summit.
  • Follow up with action group leads.
  • Continue reviewing and approving Summit expense reports.
  • Send reminder (on 10/24 for 10/31 deadline) to those who have not yet submitted their expense reports.
  • More email follow-up (more complex stuff that’s been sitting in my inbox).
  • Create detailed outline of Summit proceedings (for sharing by Tuesday, 10/31).

Contribution Opportunities

Nothing concrete at the moment, but I will likely need help organizing Summit content.