Christie's Weekly Report for 2017-10-02


(Christie Koehler) #1


Once again, last week was mostly about preparing the for Summit with a bit of work on importing donor data into Little Green Light (LGL).

Milestones reached include: finalized and communicated the process for travel reimbursements, a proposal for representing our corporate sponsorships in LGL, and progress towards finalizing materials and facilitation flow for the Summit.


  • Added Summit attendees who requested travel support to Zoho Expenses. (If this includes you but you didn’t get an invite from Zoho, let me know.)
  • Finalized the Google form Lynn started for collecting travel reimbursement payment info.
  • Finalized Summit travel reimbursement instructions email and sent it to all Summit participants who requested travel support.
  • Drafted proposal (NF account required) on how to represent corporate sponsorships and in-progress deals in Little Green Light (LGL, our donor management system) and shared with Leah for feedback/approval.
  • Posted first public weekly report to the NF Wiki, Discourse, SAB and internal email lists. Updated SAB about new process for updates.
  • Fixed rabbitmq issue on
  • Initial run through of Summit logistics with Summit co-facilitator.
  • Moved remaining Sustainability Program documentation from GitHub to NumFOCUS Wiki.
  • Collected feedback on the draft participant workbook.
  • Meetings:
    • Monday Staff
    • Facilitation run-through
    • 1:1 with Leah
    • Penultimate Summit planning
    • Rep from Open Collective (good stuff happening on that platform!)


  • Once corporate sponsorship info is added to this google doc (NF account required) I can import the info into LGL. No particular rush on this. I won’t get to working on LGL again until after the Summit.

Thank You

  • Lynn for working with me on a process for reimbursing Summit participants for their travel.
  • Leah for continuing to work with our Summit venue liaison.
  • Gina for drafting the Summit blog post draft.
  • Minal for continuing to coordinate travel and other logistics for the Summit.
  • Zulip dev team for creating a great product and having a culture that made it easy to figure out the issue I was having and apply a fix.

This Week

  • Finalizing participant workbook and submitting to printer. (Monday EOD)
  • Finalizing Summit supplies list and sending to Minal for purchase. (Monday EOD)
  • Drafting Summit stakeholder email. (Monday AM)
  • Catch up on email + task backlog and make final preparations for Summit.
  • Final Summit planning meeting.
  • Sending Summit info to last minute registrations.
  • Review Summit blog post and give feedback to Gina by email or Google doc. (Tuesday EOD)
  • Prepare Facilitator workbook and other materials, including note-taking and follow-up plans.
  • Set up communication channels for Summit participants.
  • Meetings:
    • Monday and Thursday staff.
    • Final Summit planning.
    • Fundraising brainstorm.
    • 1:1 with Matt T from SAB.

Contribution Opportunities

  • Help improve the member project pages. If you don’t already have a NumFOCUS wiki account, you’ll need to request one.
  • If any NumFOCUS members are interested in learning more about the Open Collective platform and exploring how it might be beneficial for your project, let me know.