Christie's Weekly Report for 2017-09-25


(Christie Koehler) #1

Note: In an effort to work in the open and provide as much opportunity for folks to participate in our Sustainability Program, I’m going to experiment with posting my weekly updates here. They are also posted to the NumFOCUS Community Wiki with an index page at User:Christie/Weekly_Reports.

If you have questions about anything I’m working on, or want to get involved, let me know by replying to this topic or contacting me privately.


This week was pretty much dominated by preparing for the NumFOCUS Summit & Sustainability Workshop, which is now 2 weeks away.

Milestones reached: Summit participant list finalized, co-facilitator selected and on-boarded, participant email sent, draft workbook produced.

Completed Tasks

  • Monday Staff Meeting
  • Co-facilitator selected and approved by Leah.
  • Summit content review meeting (notes)
  • Drafted Summit participant email and circulated for feedback
  • Weekly Summit Planning meeting (notes)
  • provided extensive feedback on proposed catering meals
  • Monthly Sustainability Advisory Board meeting
  • 1:1 with Leah
  • Fundraising Brainstorm meeting
  • Thursday Staff Meeting
  • Intro meeting with Leah and Summit co-facilitator Laura N.
  • Type-set Summit participant workbook, circulated for review.
  • Finalized, formatted, and sent Summit participant email.
  • Configured Discourse category Community Management restricted to group for NumFOCUS community managers.
  • Filed a ticket with LGL to resolve email dropbox link issue.
  • Restarted rabbit-mq on several times. Grr!


No blockers.

Next Week

  • Configure Zoho expenses for our use.
  • Draft and circulate for feedback the Summit travel reimbursement info.
  • Finalize participant workbook and submit to printer.
  • LGL (our donor management system) tasks:
  • Add current corp sponsors and levels
  • Figure out how to represent current in-progress deals.
  • Communicate new way I am sharing weekly reports.
  • Draft Summit stakeholder info email.
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings!
  • Move remaining Sustainability Program documentation from GitHub to NumFOCUS Wiki.

Contribution Opportunities

(These are specific things I could use help on and will use this section to highlight.)

  • I’m working on finding a part-time sys admin / devops person to help with server management, but in the meantime, anyone want to help me figure out the rabbit-mq issue on

Christie's Weekly Report for 2017-10-02
(Christie Koehler) #2

Found another Zulip user having this same issue. Applied the fix in this PR and I think it’s fixed?

(Incidentally this was making everyone appear offline even when they were logged in.)