[astropy-dev] Announcing the Astropy Slack Team

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From: Kelle Cruz kellecruz@gmail.com
Subject: [astropy-dev] Announcing the Astropy Slack Team
Date: October 2, 2017 at 13:56:17 PDT
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Hey Everyone,

Based on a critical mass of requests from the attendees at the Astropy Project Coordination Meeting two weeks ago, we’ve revived the Astropy slack team. A small group of us have been testing it out for the past week and it’s been working so well that we think it’s worth opening it up to everyone. Anyone can join (with any email address) via this URL: Joinslack.astropy.org http://joinslack.astropy.org/

We intend this forum to be just another option, among several, for un-archived chatting (similar to the Facebook group). It is a place for quick responses and casual conversation. It is not as a replacement for discussion threads on issues and pull requests on Github.

There are several channels already established, please browse them and join anything that looks interesting/relevant to you. We expect the #general channel will be used mostly for help and troubleshooting requests.

This forum is covered by the Astropy Project code of conduct: http://www.astropy.org/code_of_conduct.html http://www.astropy.org/code_of_conduct.html
In particular, please be as supportive and patient as possible of folks who are new to Python and/or programming.

Astropy Project Community Engagement Coordinator

Kelle Cruz, PhD — http://kellecruz.com/ http://kellecruz.com/
917.725.1334 — Hunter: x16486 — AMNH: x7930

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