Announcements of interest to the NumFOCUS as well as the larger open source scientific computing communities.


Discussion related to NumFOCUS's Open Source Sustainability Program, an innovative effort to improve the long-term sustainability of key open source scientific computing projects.

Diversity and Inclusion

Discussion related to efforts by NumFOCUS to promote greater diversity and inclusion in scientific computing (DISC).


Discussion and questions related to PyData conferences and meetups.


Discussion about the numerous scientific development conferences NumFOCUS supports, including: PyData, JuliaCon, JupyterCon, JupyterDay, rOpenSci Unconf, StanCon.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Discussion and questions related to NumFOCUS fiscal sponsorship program.

Collaboration Infrastructure

Discussion and questions related to NumFOCUS collaboration infrastructure, including the community wiki, etherpad, and other externally-hosted tools.


General discussion related to the NumFOCUS and open source scientific computing communities.

Google Summer of Code

Discussion about NumFOCUS projects' participation in Google Summer of Code.

John Hunter Technology Fellowship

Discussion about the John Hunter Technology Fellowship, which aims to bridge the gap between academia and real-world, open-source scientific computing projects by providing a capstone experience for individuals coming from a scientific educational background.

Grants and Sponsored Events

Discussion about our small grants program for project sprints, support of project infrastructure, project development time and diversity initiatives.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Project Updates

Experimental category for aggregating updates from NumFOCUS member and affiliate projects.